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Only 43% of urban high-risk non-debaters graduate


72% of urban high-risk student debaters graduate.

Only 50% of students in urban high schools graduate
90% of urban high school debaters graduate.

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It is our firm belief that K-12 students should never debate, politics,religion,or race.
It is your goal to develop cognitive, and critical thinking, these subjects being less than 3% of available subjects to debate, get 70% of media and family conversations are because they are generally to emotional, and devoid of any empirical data or actual objective facts. The more you can stay into school curriculum, sports and irrelevant
Supportive stuff, the more they will engage, and enjoy learning.

“Imagine graduating from high school each year millions of underprivileged teenagers with the ability to articulate their needs and ideas, the ability to understand and address the needs of others, and the ability and energy to offer thoughtful solutions.” Ed Lee, Atlanta Urban Debate League

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