Video Resources For High School Debate

A Beginner’s Guide To Debating

2016 ESU MSPDP Championship Debate

Westford Gavel Club – Great Homework Debate

Debate: Corruption is the only cause of a country’s failure.

High School Debate Championship

Middle School Debate Tournament

Final WSDC 2017

Third Speaker – Debating Role

Public Forum Debate Structure

How to debate – first speaker affirmative

Climate Change Debate

Model UN Debate in Spanish Class

[Intelligence-High School Debate] Governments should provide a universal basic income

Teenagers in Heated Debate – Storyville – Up for Debate

High School Debate Championship

Introduction To Debate

Debate: Playing sports should be compulsory for all school age children

First Affirmative Speaker – Debating Roles

2010 Lincoln-Douglas Debate National Finals

How to debate – first speaker affirmative

Junior Public Forum Grand Final

MSPDP Sample Debate: Television is a Bad Influence

Being in High School Debate

SME Confederate Flag Debate

High School Debate Championship

Debate: Colin Kaepernick

Middle School Debate

basic principles of debate discussed

Second Speaker – Debating Roles

Public Speaking and Debating for Beginners

Parliamentary Debate Example