Coming Late 2024

What’s the need?

The world debating forum global online platform is going to be revolutionary because it allows people to debate all over the world, with all kinds of schools and all levels of individuals debating each other on all kinds of subjects. WDF will empower debaters to interact real-time worldwide in any of the major world languages.

For example, if you’re a South Korean university student speaking Korean into your laptop and you’re in a debate with students from a US university, your spoken words will come to your US counterparts in English, or any other language you or they choose, and their English will come to you in Mandarin – or any other language you choose, including native English.

How does it work?

With the WDF platform, you will be able to debate in your first language and be heard by listeners in their native language; you can also listen in your own language to debaters who are speaking in their native language,  and everyone can read the transcript of what is being said in any language.

 Among many other advantages, this will make international online debate a huge resource for learning ESL (English as a Second Language) – arguably the most important language-related use of the internet today with over 700 Million ESL learners worldwide.

Our common goals

We are confident that online debate will help unite the world, bringing us together as global citizens with a common goal of finding the right answers and solutions for each society.

We believe that the World Debating Forum can open up debating and dialogue worldwide. Out of this dialogue and debate will come a global sharing of ideas, analyses and solutions, recognizing that no one group or on society has all the answers for everyone, but also that ideas that work well in one society ought to be shared globally for everyone’s consideration.

World Debating Forum-US

World Debating Forum won’t be the ultimate debating experience, like being in the room across from each other, but it’s going to fill a huge gap that’s needed right now.

Designed to work with schools

The idea of online debating isn’t new – people have been trying out the idea for over 20 years, but we believe that we are building a platform that is far more user-friendly, far more versatile, and much more fun. Our WDF platform is designed to integrate seamlessly with existing school debating systems or leagues and to complement their current programs while helping them grow in new directions at the same time.

         Most existing school debate programs will stay much the same while moving online; however, the online option will be something with far greater potential to unite the community than simply holding the debate in a library or auditorium. Online debating will make it easy for people to view a debate real-time or to go look up an archived debate that may feature a friend or relative. You can log in and be part of the audience for a debate being held halfway across the country, or the world, featuring your own kids, or maybe their cousins, or uncles, nieces, or nephews – whoever. You can watch part of a debate and come back to watch the rest at a later time because every debate on WDF will be archived in our video library and on our YouTube channel.

We share your dreams

World Debating Forum is designed to make debate a central part of public life in every community, providing a scaffolding on which the best and brightest young minds in any community can take part in and influence the dialogues and decisions that affect the lives of everyone in the community.